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Introduction of the Department of Anesthesiology Medical Center
Sichuan Cancer Hospital Anesthesiology Medical Center was founded in 1984, after 30 years of development and construction, it has become one of the well respected medical center with professional training teams for clinical anesthesia, surgery, research and teaching. In our center, we have 29 clinical anesthesiologists, 1 basic researcher, 17 anesthetist nurses and 48 operating room nurses. Including 2 people with a doctorate degree, 18 people with Master’s degree, 2 directors and 8 associate directors. Anesthesiology Medical Center has many elite doctors, including Anesthesiology Association in Sichuan Province branch vice chairman, Association of Sichuan Anticancer Tumor Anesthesia Industry Preparatory Team leader, Sichuan Provincial Health Department Academic and Technological leaders, Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine and Pain Management director, spec..
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